Something Evil's Lurkin' In the Dark

(song: Thriller/artist: Michael Jackson)

Well shit y'all, Halloween is tomorrow and you know what that means. CANDY! Candy everywhere. I have spoken of my weakness for candy and sugar in past posts. And though I have better control now, I still struggle with this addiction. Put me in front of a box of Milk Duds and I won't come up for air till all those little bastards are gone. I can't even think of a Milk Way bar without salivating.

Hello lovers.
So yeah, I'm a little worried about the whole trick-or-treating thing. Not only do I hate letting my kid have a giant pumpkin bucket filled with candy, I hate having it in my house when he goes to bed. I don't want to deny him the childhood rite of going door-to-door to beg strangers for candy, but I do want to limit the amount of crap I, I mean he, eats.

So here's how it's going down in Formerly Fat Mom's house this year. On my part, I'm going to exercise some good old fashioned self-control and will power, and stay the hell out of my kid's candy bucket. Seriously. I am still crawling my way back from my summer weight gain (I'm down 6 pounds so far) and I just got myself back into the swing of my workouts and good eating habits. I feel so much better than I did a month ago. Going on a sugar binge will make me feel horrible - physically and mentally. I've also been reading about all the terrible poisonous ingredients that are in commercial candy and that has helped deter my cravings. Education is power. (Though, come PMS time, I probably won't care about the GMO corn syrup in the Reese's Peanut Butter cups...) 

Oh Peanut M&Ms, I'll miss you the most.
As for the kid, here's the plan. On Halloween night we'll let him eat "all he wants" -- this is usually about 5 pieces since he has been known to vomit in his bed after sugar-intensive outings. In past years we've allowed 2 pieces per day till the bag is gone. Many parents tell me their kids forget about the candy and they just throw it away. My son does not forget. So this year he will be allowed his daily two-piece allotment but he will have to choose 20 pieces of candy to keep, and throw the rest away. He will complain about this. I will do it anyway. This way there is an end date for the candy bag and he can keep inventory on what he has and that means MAMA CAN'T STEAL HIS DAMN CANDY! Everyone wins! Sort of. 

Wish me luck...