Y'all Ready For This?

(song: Get Ready For This/artist: 2 unlimited)

Hey hey hey everybody! I'm outta town and have limited computer access, but you've been so patient so - FINALLY - here's the post you've been waiting for. THE PHOTOS!
And the final stats...

So without further hesitation, I give you:

2-15-2011/164 pounds/Size 10 (sometimes 12)

I know, I know...hideous right? Before you vomit, allow me to impart some perspective. The jiggly body in that picture, is the exact same jiggly body in this picture, just two months prior:

1-1-2011/Also 164 pounds and a size 10/12. See, everybody looks better in clothes!

DAY 30 
3-25-11/149 pounds/Waistline dwindling, abs still flabby, no inches lost off those thunder thighs. Grrr.

DAY 60
5-6-2011/142 pounds/Hello developing abs! 1.25" gone from each thigh!! Check out the arms.
DAY 90!
6-9-2011/137 pounds/Size 4/6!!!!
(I am still working on those thighs, but I'm extremely pleased with the progress I've made so far.)

But then I got to wear an even cuter swimsuit because the bottoms on my now infamous Target bikini were such a bad cut for my new booty. Here's the awesome swimsuit that I wish was mine and not the Beachbody wardrobe department's:

The awesome swimsuit that I wish was mine and not the Beachbody wardrobe department's.

So...to sum it up, in 110 days, I lost:
~28 pounds
~3.5" from my chest
~4" from my waist
~4" from my hips
~2" from each thunder thigh
~And my booty lifted 1 whole inch! (Though I question the science behind this measurement...)

I started at 164 pounds and ended at 137 pounds. Just two pounds shy of Leandro's prediction! On the day of the infomercial filming, I wore SIZE 4 SKINNY JEANS! Exactly the size Leandro said I would be. He believed; I achieved. And I am never looking back...