The World Outside is Tugging Like a Beggar at My Sleeve

(song: Something Fine/artist: Jackson Browne)

Over the past weekend, my husband, son and I took a family roadtrip down to Richmond, VA to visit my husband's super fun cousin and her equally awesome husband. This has become an annual trip, which we plan far in advance because of everyone's hectic work schedules and because it's our official start of the summer season. 

They've got a giant yard with a pool and a hot tub and we usually spend the weekend floating around, with a (few) cold beers in hand. can imagine my dismay when I learned that the extension would extend through the first two weeks of June, thus negatively impacting my usual debauchery during the Virginia trip. And to make matters worse, I'm doing the "6-day Supermodel Slimdown" for the last week of the test group. Yep, my green & white food - 1000 calories-a-day - diet week started in Virginia. There was a nano-second when I entertained canceling the trip, but I had to be able to put all this hard work and learning to good use. This trip was my  first extended experience in "the real world".

Leandro knew I was going out of town for four days, so we talked about ways to exercise and the importance of staying focused on the clean diet. I'm pretty sure he means not to get wasted every night. So I packed my exercise wear, ankle weights, foam roller and Brazil Butt Lift DVDs and headed south for the weekend. Since my cousins-in-law are completely aware of my little booty school adventure, they were 100% supportive and accommodating. They have an elliptical machine and weights and an exercise room. No excuses Alison! So I mapped out my plan for the weekend and committed to working out every day during the visit. And workout I did! I logged one hour on Friday (after our six-hour drive I might add), one hour on Saturday, 45 minutes on Sunday and a brief ab and leg workout on Monday morning before our drive home. Not bad eh?

It was hard as hell to abstain from drinking, but I managed. The thing is, I've become so comfortable with who I am, that I no longer feel the desire to be drunk. Don't get me wrong, I miss drinking. I just don't miss drinking to excess. I used to feel like being tipsy (drunk) was the only way I could enjoy myself and/or the only way people enjoyed me. I wasn't confidant enough to just I have to tell you, I had a great time NOT drinking last weekend! I really love the people I was with, but most importantly, I really love me! Yay for personal breakthroughs! Don't get me started on how awesome it feels to wake up without a pounding headache and the morning-after bloat that accompanies the dreaded hangover. I really like feeling good! 

On Sunday, I allowed myself some "cheat time" - not a cheat DAY - and had some yummy food at the Richmond Food Festival. I didn't obsess about how much I was eating, I just enjoyed the food and the desserts and the two glasses of wine I had. It was four hours out of one weekend..and that is reality. I'm in control of my life and my choices, and I have no regrets. That's how I'll be able to live healthy and be happy.

Oh, and I totally wore a two-piece swimsuit! Back in February when I had to buy a bikini for the day-one shoot, I bought two suits. One is the suit I've been wearing in all the monthly photos, the other I refused to even bring to the shoot because I felt my my body was horrendous in it and I didn't want to risk having Beachbody choose that as my test group photo swimsuit. Well, last weekend I wore that rejected suit, and my body looked much less horrendous. Though I wish my vow to sculpt and tone my body hadn't coincided with my vow to never tan again. If my belly were any whiter, I'd glow in the dark. But I digress...

Here it is!

Did you really think I was going to reveal the new bod? Not until the 90-day photos are taken! I promise to post EVERYTHING! The before, the middle, the after...I'll give it all to you. Even though the "after" photos will NOT be the "end" photos. Both Leandro and I know that my journey doesn't end this week. The test group ends, but I still have work to do. 

I have a vision of my future body and I am on a mission. A mission to eradicate all cellulite and fat from my thighs. A mission to look like a model from the Athleta catalog.  And I will not stop until my mission is complete. And when my mission is complete, I will spend the rest of my life in the body I've worked so hard to achieve. 

Model from the Athleta catalog

And because I know I can do it, I'm not totally freaked out by a weekend in Virginia, or my upcoming trip to my hometown in Georgia, or any event in life for that matter. I've already started living life outside the protective test group bubble. Of course I'm nervous, but I'm ready. I'm ready...