The Last Day of Our Acquaintance

(song: The Last Day of Our Acquaintance/artist: Sinéad O'Connor)

Monday, June 13, 2011
Today was my final obligation to the Brazil Butt lift test group - the infomercial  interview! I have to admit, I was really really excited.  I arrived at the set and went straight to Marci the wardrobe stylist, whom I've now seen three times - at the day 1, 60 & 90-day photo shoots. She's a cute hipster who also has a toddler son, so we share mom tales while I'm cramming myself into workout clothes and bikinis. Today she gets to dress me in something other than the bikini and fitness wear I've been sporting for my monthly photos. I get to wear an actual outfit! She gives me a pair of jeans that look incredibly tiny, but I try them on anyway. Amazingly, they fit! We put them in the "maybe the one" pile, then I try on a few more jeans. Too big, too small, too blah...I tried them all. Then one more pair. Yep, these are the ones. I look in the mirror and behold myself wearing something I never thought I'd wear...size 4 skinny jeans! Having had a pretty staunch anti-skinny-jean stance for some time, it was hard for me to accept myself in a pair. But at the same time, I was floored that they fit. On March 2, at my day 6 assessment, Leandro said, "I think you can be a size 4." Well damn if that crazy Brazilian wasn't right! I told Jenny the producer that I felt so out of my comfort zone and she said, "This is your body now. This is how you should be dressing. No more Mom Jeans!" I love you Jenny...

Marci gives me a few different tops to try on before we settle on a hot pink sleeveless cross-back top. The outfit is finished with my own Betsey Johnson  platform wedges that are the perfect over-the-top companion to the skintight jeans and top. I look like a Boston Proper ad...minus the fake boobs. I'M READY FOR MY CLOSE-UP!

 I waddled a la Peg Bundy to my mark on the set. We filmed in a loft space that was decorated to look like I was being interviewed in my apartment. I got a brief run-down from Marc the dreamy director...sigh. I begged him not to make me demonstrate any Brazil Butt Lift dance moves as he did the gal that had her interview before me. No one needs to see me dancing on camera. No one.

We roll tape and Marc begins asking me a series of questions. Luckily I've been watching some Beachbody infomercials so I'm a little familiar with the types of things people say in their infomercial testimonials. However, I wasn't talking about my butt enough, so one of the producers said, "You have to say BUTT!" What can I say...I'm not a veteran of infomercial testimonials. Talking about my ass on camera, makes me the slightest bit self-concious. I take a deep breath and promise to say "butt" repeatedly. Marc is really great at asking questions specific to my body's - my BUTT'S - transformation. I felt super dorky because I'm really uncomfortable on camera, but I was completely honest in my responses. I mean, as cheesy as my answers were, they were totally from the heart. Leandro's Brazil Butt Lift program really does work and this experience really changed my life...and my butt. I am so extremely happy with my results and, as I said on camera, I will keep using what I've learned to maintain my new lifestyle and body and BUTT.  Continued success is the only option for me. I believe in myself in a way I never did before this test group.

The cheesiest and most fun part of the filming, was when I had to look into the camera and say, "Check out my butt!" Then I had to turn around and SHOW my butt. This of course, took three takes. I cracked up after each one...
Check Out My Butt!

After the testimonial interview, I changed into a workout costume and was filmed exercising with my Brazil Butt Lift DVDs "in my home". Smiling (as one does when exercising) the whole time of course. I was filmed from the left side, so my camera leg was throbbing after repeated leg lifts, but I had a lot of fun. Since I'm not a professional actress, this was a really interesting experience. I'm not sure what, if any, footage will make the final cut, but hey, the infomercial wasn't the reason I did the test group in the first place. Still, how awesome would it be to turn on the TV at 2AM and see me talking about my butt? If I'm in the infomercial, I'm totally having a viewing party with butt-themed party favors...

I'm a Beachbody success!