Hot Fun in the Summertime

(song: Hot Fun in the Summertime/artist: Sly & The Family Stone)

Hey y'all! Greetings from coastal Georgia.  I'm enjoying my annual visit to my childhood home, St. Simons Island. I've been here for a few weeks, and am enjoying visiting with my family -- especially my pretend-mom and my cousin -- reconnecting with childhood friends, exploring the natural beauty of the Georgia coast, and...eating & drinking. I'm in the south y'all! I love southern food. I love fried oysters, sweet tea, peach cobbler, an excuse to eat ice cream every day, and sipping a cold beer on the front porch, right after I tuck my sweet son into bed.

But don't you worry your pretty little heads; I am, and always will be Formerly Fat Mom, and as such, have stayed true to my commitment to exercise and diet. Yeah, there's been a lot of little indulging during my trip, but, I've stayed very active.

For starters, while my hubby was here, we ran in the annual July 4th 5K. (I'll skip the part about how we both had better times last year. Extraneous details...)

Post-race stroll with our biggest fan. 
I make time for daily workouts too. I brought my Brazil Butt Lift DVDs, ankle weights, and booty bands, so I can continue the pursuit of a bagless saddle...if you will. I'm also using pool time to work on those pesky inner-thighs. All you need is a pool, a thick foam noodle, and the dream of seeing light between your thighs. Remember to lead with your heel and keep your toes pointed inward (pigeon toe). Three sets of 30 reps per thigh should do the trick. 

Tot and Jacuzzi sold separately.
I also brought my favorite non-cardio workout, Tracy Anderson Method - Mat Workout. Since I have the DVD pretty much committed to memory, I've been doing the standing portion in the pool. The added resistance from the water, is great for my thunder thighs, plus, my cousin (with whom I reside during my visits to Georgia) gets to make fun of me for being a swimercise dork. Everyone wins. 

Tracy Anderson's arm series  goes aquatic.
I'm enjoying myself, but staying focused. I still log all my meals and stay conscious of my water intake. And when I'm not devoting an hour-a-day to The Butt Master or Tracy Anderson, I'm chasing my very active four-year-old son all day long. A leisurely vacation, this is NOT. And I am loving every second of it. 

If only I could get everything to stay in place when I'm on the ground. Damn gravity.