Say, Do You Remember September

(song: September/artist: Earth Wind & Fire)

Where did the time go y'all!? I promised I'd write at least one post per month, and I'm keeping that promise. Even if it means writing a fluff piece like this one.

On the home-front, my son just started pre-K which means he now goes to school for a full day! It's like a reward for putting in 4.9 years of hard labor! I am officially NOT one of those moms that laments the start of school. Yeah sure, it's been challenging getting him back on an early morning routine, but we're getting there. And now, he seems to actually enjoy seeing me at the end of the day, whereas, with his 12:30 dismissal in nursery school, he always had that, "Oh crap, you again", look on his face. And now I have tons of "free time"! I can clean AND do completion. Lucky me!

On the exercise front, I registered for the Rock 'n' Roll 10K again this year, so I'm running at least four days-a-week, and trying like hell to beat my time from last year -- 57:11. Last year's goal was to beat my husband. I didn't achieve that goal.  This year, the best I can hope for is at least being able to see him running ahead of me for the entire race. I'm not, by nature, a runner, and right now, I'm not in great running shape. I've been "training" for three weeks, and only last week was able to run the entire 3.5 mile loop without walking. I'll have to settle for beating myself. The race is October 13. I've got 16 days to shave five minutes off my time. No problem...

Slow and steady, wins the race...against myself.
 The good news is, all the cardio is revealing a lot of the definition I gained during a summer of only doing strength-training DVDs. Which is great because...I'm going back to QVC! I'm so excited to make my triumphant return to West Chester, PA with Leandro! April, the uber-chiseled fitness model is also on board, as are several other women of varying ages and body types -- a smart marketing move on the part of The Butt Master. We'll be squatting our way into the hearts and homes of America on October 11. Our 15-minute segment will be on between 7:00 - 9:00 AM (EST) on the "Mornings Made Easy" show. And again between 3:00 - 4:00 PM (EST) on the "Problems Solved" show. DOUBLE-HEADER! In case I'm stuck behind the pricing info, I'll wear jaunty sneakers. Just look for the bony ankles in the red New Balance. 

Wardrobe for 10/11 QVC appearance. Note the ankles.

So, I've got 14 training days till QVC, and 16 training days till the race. And THREE weddings in-between. Talk about bad timing! It's not so much the booze I'm concerned with, it's the food...and the sweets. I love sweets. (I'm drooling right now at the thought of cake.) Cocktail hour buffets are the kiss of death for a former fatty who loves to graze. But, I know I possess the willpower to enjoy myself in moderation. Question is: Will I use it? In my on-going pursuit of healthy physical and mental balance, this will be the ultimate test.

(I'll post my wedding trifecta successes and/or failures on my Facebook Page and Twitter)