Fling Up Your Hands In The Air. It's My Birthday.

(song: It’s My Birthday/artist: Ultimate)

Monday – March 26, 2012 
(Crap! I didn't publish this in time to get in the March 2012 bracket!!)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! Today, I am 37 years old. It doesn't matter what I do on my birthday, I love MY day. For example, today, I dragged my son and husband (who sweetly took the day off work) to Costco and the grocery store. A housewife double-header, if you will. Nothing significant, but it still felt special because IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! I walk a little taller. I sort-of believe that everyone knows it's my birthday. I'm cocky. I can be..because it's my damn birthday! I’m not one of those whiny girls that gets all mopey about getting older. Who wants to be in their teens or twenties again anyway? Seriously, I looked like this when I was in my teens…

1989 - Braces, enormous boobs and a bold floral print. Awkward teen trifecta.

Perhaps when I’m 57, I’ll long for 37, but for now, I’m perfectly content to be another year older, and most certainly, wiser. Okay, I’d like to have my teen skin, but that’s it. Mmmm, and maybe the ability to sleep past 8:00 AM. But that’s it. Really.

Today, life is pretty damn good. I may have more lines on my face than I did when I as 27, but my body is in the best shape it’s ever been in. As I said I would in my end-of-the-year post, I’ve renewed my commitment to Leandro’s workouts, and have been working diligently to maintain my weight loss and continue sculpting some of my problem areas, specifically my legs/thighs.  I exercise six days a week for a minimum of one hour a day. Most days, I do extra leg work in the evening, while my son is in the bath, cheering me on. He loves heckling me with his favorite Leandro-ism, “Shake your bum bum, Mommy!” (You can imagine the stares I get when he bellows this line in public…)

I’m lucky enough to be able to take some of Leandro’s classes in New York City. The last time I saw him, just before class, he walked over to me and said, with such sincerity, “You look so great.” It was such a proud moment for me. Really, I got emotional. I remember this time last year, during the test group, he moved me to the second row in class so I could “watch the other girls and see how to do the moves the right way”. Now, I get right in the front - goofy smile plastered on my sweaty face - and I rock those moves. With only the occasional mistake...which Leandro never seems to miss. Knowing that Leandro is proud of me, gives me an incredible sense of satisfaction, and drive. (Yeah, I'm that obsessed.) He doesn’t hand out compliments like that, apropos of nothing. I hope to make him proud for years to come. I hope to make myself proud for years to come. Oh wait, I WILL make myself proud.

Today, I am 37 years old and in the best shape of my life.
Today, my son doesn't remember having a really fat mom.
Today, I love myself more than ever before.

37 and super fit. And still a dork. Always a dork...