Well, I Made The Big Time At Last.

(song: Shooting Star/artist: Bad Company)           

Sometime back in February, just before his Saturday class began, Leandro approaches me and says, “I might have something for you to do with me on TV.” Then he says, “I need some pictures to give to Beachbody so they can see how great you look. And you have to keep working really hard. It’s gonna be in April sometime.” I played it cool and said,  “Okay, let me know...” On the inside, I was like, “OH MY GOD!! I can’t believe it!! What could it be?! I don’t care! I’ll do ANYTHING for this man!” During the class, I was so freaking excited, I could barely keep my feet on the ground. I went home, set up my tri-pod and took a few shots of myself, all sweaty and gross in my workout clothes. I emailed them to Leandro and awaited further instructions.

Beachbody audition shot - Take1
 Two days later at his Monday swimercise class, he motions me over and says, “Here’s a little present for you.” He gives me a gift bag containing a new pair of workout capris and matching sports bra – from his personal line of branded fitness cloths. He then proceeds to scroll through the pictures I sent him and tells me how to improve the poses and make them worthy of submitting to Beachbody. Apparently the white sports bra I’ve been wearing for two years didn’t meet The Butt Master’s high fitness fashion standards. And I’m so glad, because I look super cute in my new LeandroFitness.com outfit! 

Beachbody audition shot - Take 2

So then he tells me, the April gig would be for his next appearance on QVC. Of course, I’ve watched his QVC appearances, so I know that while he’s chatting with the host, there are two fitness models in the background, demonstrating the moves that will lift and shape your droopy bum bum. And now he thinks I am good enough to be one of those models! HOLY MOLY!! Once again, I play it cool. Okay, not really. I said, “Oh my god, you think I’m good enough?! I mean, my thighs…” Seriously, I almost cried.  He reiterated that I had to keep working hard and that he would put my name on his list of approved girls from his test group, but that ultimately Beachbody would make the final decision and they would call me if I’m to be picked. It’s an honor just to be nominated!! I carry on with my life, but amped up my workouts. A few days pass…then I get the call.

A nice lady from the Beachbody offices in Santa Monica calls me and asks me if I’d be interested in appearing with Leandro on QVC. Once again, I play it cool and say, “Of course, that sounds great.” But internally I’m FREAKING OUT with excitement!! She lets me know what the next steps will be and says she’ll be in touch with details. Now, if you’re a professional model/actress, this is just another job. You book it, you do it, you put it on your resume and you move on. BUT IT’S ME! If you told me three years ago that I’d not only get in amazing shape, but that I’d also be picked as a live model – on TV - to represent one of the awesome programs that helped me get into amazing shape, I would have laughed in your face. This is an incredibly exciting moment for me! I still can’t quite believe it.

On Sunday, April 15, Brazil Butt Lift will be a featured product during the 6 – 7AM “Easy Solutions” hour. Leandro and the host will talk about the many muscles of the butt and how you need to work each one the right way. In the background will be two models. One will be a gorgeous, incredibly fit model named April. The other will be...ME! This will be April’s third QVC appearance for Brazil Butt Lift, so she’s a pro by now. And did I mention, she's got a killer body?! 
Oh yeah, no pressure at all.
I'll be the "formerly fat stay-at-home mom" yin to her "never had less than a six-pack abs" yang. I’ll be following her lead and trying not to look as terrified as I’m sure to be. I’m so excited! So scared! So amazed that my fitness journey lead me here!

I’ve been going full-throttle on my workouts. My legs are looking great. My thighs are shrinking. I will not be wearing teeny-tiny shorts like April, as I do not have her cellulite-free thighs, but I will be wearing my new size 4, skin-tight workout capris and proudly flaunting the body I’ve sculpted. So set your alarm! Okay, maybe just your DVR…