I'm Still Standing (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)

4.16.11 - Saturday

Who doesn't love vintage 80s Elton John?

Hey y'all. I had a shittastic week in booty school, thanks to my lower back injury, but at least I attended, was able to participate using very low-impact, modified moves and I'm still upright! Which I suppose is testament to the strength I've built over the past 53 days...or to my stupidity.
 Check out my sexy lumbar corset:
Friday - 4.15.11
No, I don't wear it in class. I wear it before and after class, then I shove an ice pack from my food cooler into it so I'm iced on the train ride home. Clever right? When I get home, I stretch more, alternate heat and ice and try to prevent further damage.

Friday was the best workout day, as I was feeling the most limber. It was cardio and unlike the previous four days in class, I actually broke a sweat. After I post this, I'll attempt one of Leandro's DVDs. I had hoped to run outside but am afraid that might be too hard on the old tailbone.

Gotta run. I have to workout then get my family ready for a baseball game at Yankee stadium. Yep, I get to spend the day surrounded by delicious ballpark food that I can't eat, beer that I can't drink and drunk baseball fans. Lucky me.

Just 11 more days to go...

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