Big Bottom, Drive Me Out of My Mind? How Could I Leave This Behind?

Today's title brought to you by Spinal Tap. (So mad at myself for not using that one 9 weeks ago...)

Oh my loyal readers, I am so sorry for the posting pause!  I have been busy with the various other things that occupy my life. You  know, I'm not just a woman trying to literally work her ass off. I'm a mom, a wife, a...oh that's pretty much it. But anyway...

I got my 60-day results (Which are really 65-day results, but who's counting?) and I'm pretty goddamn pleased with myself. So, in 65 days I lost:

  • 3" inches from my chest (bye bye boobs)
  • 3.5" inches from my waist
  • 4" inches from my waist at the belly button
  • 3.25" from my hipbone
  • 1.25 " from my left thigh
  • 1.5" from my right thigh
  • 1" inch from each arm
my butt lifted .5" (I'm sure this is a very scientific measurement)

I haven't really bought any new clothes except for a pair of running leggings that are a size 6 - woo hoo! But they're Lycra so let's not get too worked up. Yesterday I pulled an old size 8 dress out of my closet. It was a little roomy but not swallowing me, so I'm hovering in the 6/8 size range now.  Two years ago, I was a size 16! How freaking awesome is that?!

Now, you're probably thinking, "she must look amazing by now". And you're mostly right. I am extremely proud of my accomplishments and my current body exceeds the expectations I had when I walked into that audition on February 15. But (or should I say "butt"), if I've learned one thing from Leandro, it's DON'T SETTLE FOR LESS! Seriously, that's his tag line, his catchphrase, his schtick if you will. So even though I feel great and look a billion times better than I ever imagined, I see myself naked every day, and I know that I can be even better. And thankfully the Butt Master completely agrees! That's right, I GOT THE EXTENSION!!! I am officially in my bonus month of booty school! Now it feels like I'm a contestant in a fitness competition. I am in it to win it! 

Dare to dream
I had a pow wow with Leandro to discuss our plan of attack over the next month. We're focusing heavily on the stubborn thigh region, the flabby abs and my triceps. This battle won't be easy, but I will emerge victorious! I asked him about my abs. They are still quite...icky. I shed my tank top and really let him get in there and see what he's working with. He believes (and who am I to question fitness genius) that it's a combo of plain old fat and stretched skin from being very overweight and losing it faster than the skin could regain elasticity. He tells me he seen much worse, which is only mildly reassuring. I asked him how long, realistically, it might take for everything to fall into place, as it were. He replied simply, "Its gonna be gone in a month." I no longer doubt anything this insane man says, now that I'm a measly 6 pounds away from achieving the goal weight he set for me in February. If he believes it, I do too.

So the way this month will work is, I will go to Leandro's studio three-days-a-week for an hour-long session. I am partnered with another gal from my class. I didn't know her well during the group class, but she seemed nice and I'm extremely relieved that she has a similar body type so we can work together to achieve our goals. She's a little shorter than I am and a thousand times more graceful because she studied dance in her past life. I noticed her form in class and envied her grace during the curtsy lunges. 

The stakes are high because I feel pressure to get the most out of this bonus month as possible, but I am scared to death because I have accountability on the days I'm not with Leandro. YIKES! I'm still getting food - thank God! - so I don't have to worry about that yet, but I have to be faithful to working out on my "off days", and really watch my snack habit, which is at its worst after 7PM. Do not get me started on my raging sweet tooth...

Okay, there's more to the story, but I must go to bed. The weekend was long and involved a wee bit of "off program" food and drink, and I'm tired y'all. Now you know the good news, and the next phase of The Buttington Post has officially begun!

Thanks to all of my friends and family who have been so supportive and encouraging since I started this in February. It means so much to hear how proud you are. Especially in those moments when I feel like giving up.