Return I Will, to Old Brazil

5.2.11 - The live workout taping

So today was the live taping of our group workout. It was the 8:30 girls and the 10:00 girls together, all dolled up in  bright colored, Brazilian inspired workout wear, per the instructions of the Butt Master's crew. We taped in a really nice loft space instead of our usual gym. I'm not actually sure if this will be part of a DVD or part of the infomercial. All I know is, I got to wear this super cute Lululemon tank top and have one more Butt Master group workout. It was all really fun and exciting, and kind of cool to see how the infomercial world works.
I'm in the way back, on the left in the blue top and black tights. Don't blink or you'll miss me.

Because this was being filmed, there was a lot of stopping and starting, so it wasn't a "real" workout, but the blinding lights and multiple takes of us doing squat-arabesques, provided a good sweat for all of us. We filmed a series of weighted leg lifts, during which Leandro walked over to point out the areas of my body the move would be most beneficial. After he motioned to my saddle bags, he gave me an enthusiastic double high-five. I totally hope that makes the final cut of the infomercial! Some of the moves got a little dancey, but I managed not to cry this time. I thought it would be bad marketing to have the "thicker" gal in the back row weeping during the Bahia Samba. I'm sure the camera crew knew whom to concentrate their filming efforts during the more rhythmic sections. There was a camera guy walking through the lines of girls, filming close-ups of well-toned butts during the squat series. I couldn't help but notice that he skipped me...
It was great to see my fellow test subjects one last time. We were all nervous about our upcoming interviews and speculating about who will win what prizes. My interview is Wednesday. I can't wait to hear how many inches I've lost and find out if I am indeed going to have to face reality that "Life after Leandro" truly begins this week.  I'm not feeling as as sad as I did last week. Progress I suppose.

This morning, I got my son ready for school, then got myself ready for a 3.5 mile run in the park. And although I was tired from staying up too late last night, I did the entire run without walking; Finishing in just under 35 minutes. Very good for someone that has never really been a runner. I find I enjoy the solitude of running. Alone with my thoughts and the challenge of  staying in motion without a walking break. I'll work my way up to 5 miles by  the end of next week. I'm semi-interested in training for the Brooklyn half-marathon. Kind of a "bucket list" thing. Not a marathon - I think that's insane, but 13 miles seems manageable and would be a pretty great accomplishment for this feats-of-strength newbie. The only downside (besides the running of the 13 miles) is that I'd have to train during the bitter winter months. But, I think I just might be up for it...maybe. I'm scheduled to take a Move It Momma class in the park on Thursday and another on Sunday morning. I'm filling up the calendar with workout dates and holding tightly to the progress I've made and the progress yet to come. It all seems a little less terrifying with each passing day.