Every Booty's Working For the Weekend

3.11.11 - Friday
I wish Leandro could develop a workout that transfers ass and thigh fat to my shrinking boobs. I've lost two inches from my chest and they're starting to look like deflated balloons. And the irony is, I had a breast reduction when I was 18. I know, I know..."It's like slapping God in the face" (My husband's favorite line from Superbad). But it seemed like a good idea at the time. But this is not the Boobington Post is it? Let's get down to business!

In anticipation of today's ambush weigh-in, I opt to take my breakfast (broccoli omelet w/potatoes on the side) to-go, so that I can eat it after said weigh-in. Smart right!? I leave home earlier than usual and arrive at the gym at 8:30AM. I step on the scale for the moment of truth. I LOST TWO POUNDS!!! I've lost 12.5 pounds since the photoshoot on 2/15. I'm only one and a half pounds away from moving the big weight to 100 on the scales! I literally cannot remember the last time I weighed less than 150 pounds. The idea that this might happen next week, is beyond thrilling to me! Today we got goal sheets to fill out every week. My first goal: Weigh-in under 150 by next Friday. I just know I can do this!

Since I was early, I got an extra long cardio workout before class. Ten grueling minutes on the stair-climber, followed by 45 minutes on the treadmill doing sideways shuffle & running intervals. Oh by the way, I wore a tighter tank top just to please the Butt Master. I feel certain the guy on the treadmill behind me that had to watch my love handles flap in the breeze, was not so pleased. At least I follow directions.

Before class, we are instructed to reach into a mystery bag and choose a wrist band. I pull out a neon yellow band. When I get into the studio, I see that half of us have neon yellow, the other half has dark green. We are split into two groups and informed that we are now competing against each other - sort of. As a motivational tool, they want us to "buddy up" with our team members and encourage each other to push harder. Since some of us will be expelled from booty school in the coming days/weeks, we learn that the team with the fewest expulsions will get a prize. The neon yellow team looks worried, and rightfully so because we (myself included) are absolutely the weaker team. There's the lady that's my age that always looks as exhausted as me within the first five minutes of the workout.  There's the girl that always looks like she stayed out too late, whom I overheard saying "I'm just not a morning person"...at a 10:00AM class. There's the girl that just blatantly threw some of her food in the garbage one day and has already been in trouble for cheating on the diet. And there's ME - the spazzy mom that whimpers during the  ankle-weight series.  On the other team, there's the gorgeous blond with an accent, who is a freaking machine. I never see her stopping and, after class she does cardio. There's the quadruple jointed lady that has no spacial awareness but is strong as an ox. The two of those girls alone can carry that team. I clearly landed on the island of misfits butts. Well, we're obviously never winning a prize; I just hope I don't get expelled...

I felt so low-energy in class today. It is the end of the week and it's normal to be more fatigued, but I just felt like I couldn't dig deep enough. Maybe I was too focused on the cuts that are coming, I don't know. I was pretty beat after my hour-long pre-class cardio. Maybe eating eggs right before a workout was a bad idea. Today Jessica taught the class while Leandro walked around and corrected our form...and silently judged his flock. Jessica is just as ruthless as Leandro. She's a great trainer and motivator. She herself is a former fatty that made a life change and is now in incredible shape. She has boundless energy and runs around like a hyper terrier, barking at us. While I got the same workout from her as a teacher, I missed the extra attention that we get when Leandro's in front of the class and she is the one walking around. Leandro isn't as into the motivating thing. The few times he stopped at me, he just took the opportunity to correct my form or tell me that a particular exercise is very good for my "problem areas." Jessica usually follows up her visits with a "you're doing great". The Butt Master doesn't hand out compliments as easily. I'm pretty sure his faith in me is waning...

So now it's the freaking weekend and since I don't have an awesome 90-minute session with Leandro tomorrow, I am responsible for my own workout. Weather permitting, I'm thinking a bike ride in the park, then my Brazil Butt Lift DVDs at home. I have to step it up if I'm to avoid the chopping block and achieve my goal of falling below the 150-pound mark. But right now, I need a hot shower and good night's sleep.

Night y'all.

Here's sweaty me after today's workout. Notice the hint of definition in those shoulders! 48 days to go...

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