Houston, We Have Carbs!

3.8.11 - Tuesday

Today is a million times better than yesterday! I'm rested and mentally psyched to go and give every bit of energy I have to today's workout. Not even the foul-breathed mouth-breather that's practically molesting me on the subway can bring me down. I'm over the crushing weigh-in. Time to move forward. Upon arriving at the gym, I hit the treadmill for some inclined side shuffles. Unfortunately, I'm not able to do a full 30-minute cardio warm-up because we have to gather in the studio before class to discuss the food issues we might be having. Apparently there has been a lot of substituting and/or cheating on the diet so Leandro and his team want to get to the bottom (ha!) of things. Since I have been eating all my food like a good little lab rat, this was a bit of a waste of time for me as I would have rather been working off some cellulite before class. At least I got a chance to ask that we get a little more info on our meals. I want to make smarter food choices for my family and me so I need to soak up as as much knowledge as possible to ensure that when this is over, I am armed with the info I need to maintain and continue my regimen...and my booty. 

During this meeting, we learn that we are now getting carbs in our meals! There's pasta for lunch and a muffin for breakfast. MUFFIN! Okay, the pasta is brown rice pasta and the bland turkey mariana served with it kinda taste like unsalted Beef-a-roni, but it taste like Italy to me at this point. And did I mention that I'll be eating a muffin tomorrow?! Oh bread, how I've missed you...

Today's workout, as usual, is brutal but I am feeling so much stronger. I keep visualizing myself the way I want to be, and that makes me push a little harder every time. My overall form is much better. When I'm in certain positions, like a wide-leg squat, I can see muscle definition on the horizon. It really is so exciting to see these subtle changes that I know will just keep getting better and better. When we're on our elbows and knees for the brutal weighted leg-lift series, I see so much definition in my shoulders now. There's the slightest hint of definition on my hamstring which just excites the hell out of me. I've always envied those women with sculpted hammies. Like this bitch:
Bitch with sculpted hammies

But this is just day 14 of 65, and I know that I'm on the right track. Soon, some chubby housewife will be pirating Internet images of ME for her aspirational exercise blog!

I need some new workout clothes. But it pains me to spend money on clothes - of any type - until this experiment is over. Every day I wear the same thing: running shorts and a tank top. Both purchased at a deep discount at Target, or as I like to call my local Target, Targhetto. I own exactly two pair of shorts - one blue, one pink. And the tank tops were only $3 so I bought five of them. The thing is, I've been a home-fitness gal for the past two years so I don't really care what I look like when I workout. Those two pairs of shorts are my "cute" workout gear. I own other shorts, but they're those shiny basketball type shorts. They just accentuate my frumpiness and make me look like a WNBA hopeful. So instead I wear the way-too-short shorts that, while I'm on the treadmill, slowly creep their way up my legs and nestle into my crotch while my thighs create enough friction to start a camp fire. Also, the elastic waist is just tight enough to display that lovely muffin top that's so popular with the low-cut jean lovers of the world. I am literally the only person in our class that doesn't wear spandex pants. I just can't bring myself to wear them. I've tried, but they look awful on me. I have very wide hips, bulging saddle bags and skinny knees that curve inward. Spandex shorts just say, "I'm pretending my ass isn't big and jiggly by wearing these compression pants because I want you to think I'm super athletic even though you can see every dimple in my butt and thighs ." No one buys it. So for now, I'll stick to my 1970s style basketball shorts. High and loose. And frankly, having to see all my flaws, makes me work a little harder.
Working my thunder thighs in the blue shorts.

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