Your Cheatin' Heart

3.15.11 - Confession Tuesday

Forgive me Butt Master, for I have sinned. For 21 days I have faithfully followed your prescribed diet. I've eaten every egg white, raw broccoli floret, turkey cutlet, organic grain and asparagus spear you've given me. But last night...I fell from grace Butt Master. I fell hard. An evil deep inside my belly caused me to stray from the confines of your carefully crafted menu. I gave into temptation with the following food:
4 raviolis, abandoned by my 3-three-year old son - 52 calories
4 dried apricots - 73 calories
1/4 cup of chocolate animal crackers - 130 calories
1 tablespoon extra crunchy peanut butter - 94 calories
Fruit leather - 45 calories
Tortilla chips - 46 calories
3 fig cookies - 180
Half bag of low-cal Chips Ahoy snack pack - 50 calories
1 slice Alpine Lace Swiss cheese - 90

Please forgive me my 760 calorie transgression Butt Master. I was weak...and hungry...and I gave into temptation. I shan't let it happen again.

Yours in fitness,

C'mon, I had a bad night! Does that me a total loser?! (Say no, say no.) I just snapped. If it could be grabbed, I grabbed it. And I didn't give a damn about the consequences...until this morning when my belly told me exactly what it thought of my behavior. But, there's nothing I can do to change what happened. I think it's out of my system. In fact, I went grocery shopping today and now my kitchen is filled with yummy food that I can't eat. But, did I cheat again? NO! It's done. I'm moving forward. 

There's a pretty good chance I burned off most of that 760 calorie mistake in class today. I hope. Even the most disciplined people have a bad day. (Seriously, I went to a birthday party where there was pizza and cake. PIZZA AND CAKE!! And I didn't so much as swipe a taste of icing from my kid's piece.) 

Guess I'm human afterall...

Cheater with the blue shorts.

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