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3.2.11 - Assessment Day with The Butt Master

I feel great today. The food is so much better. My body is adjusting to it's daily beating. I'm losing inches and pounds. And today I get to have a sit-down with Leandro and discuss my progress so far, and my goals for the rest of the program. I arrive early for my 30-minute treadmill run, then swagger on over to Leandro, who is sitting with a 3-ring binder opened to the picture of me in my one-piece swimsuit on the day of my audition. Blech!  "Hi Alison. How are you?" he says sincerely. "I'm GREAT!" I reply enthusiastically. And I really mean it. We talk about the weight and inches I've lost, the workouts I've done, any trouble I might be having etc. Then we talk about "my problem areas". He glances down at my thighs and then writes "thighs" on my goal sheet. Next we talk about my belly. You know that pouch under your belly button that hangs over when you're slouched at the computer? You know what I'm talking about. I call mine "The Belly Flap."
This is NOT me. 
(But absolutely what my belly looks like now...)

Then he jots down "belly" and tells me we'll be targeting abs later in the program, but that I should do his "Tummy Tuck" DVD at home in addition to the extra cardio I've been assigned because I fall into the "girls that have more weight to lose" category. Yes Butt Master. Anything you say...

He asks me what my goal weight is. I answer honestly, "I don't know." I said, "I never imagined I would ever weigh less than 150. I'm not sure what I should weigh." I ask, "Do you think I can be a size 6?" He says, "I think you gonna be a size 4! We make your goal weight 140." I nod confidently. Bring it on Leandro! "No, we gonna make it 135." Let's give it a go! I told him honestly and earnestly how happy I am to have this opportunity and thanked him for choosing me to be a part of this group. He said that made his day, and I chose to believe that. And I really am, so happy. I knew this was the year I wanted to take my weightloss to the next level - toning and sculpting. Then this opportunity fell right into my ample lap.

 I felt so strong and and energized after talking to Leandro. It's time for class. Sandra, the hot 60-year-old is back and I am working out behind her. She's wearing those creepy toe shoes that remind me of the Jack Johnson skit on Saturday Night Live.What are those about?

J.J. Casuals "Shoes that look like feet"

Today's workout was so hard but really great. We alternated butt exercises with quick bursts of cardio. We used dumbells for shoulder, back and bicep work as well. I can see definition when I lift the weights. My legs are getting so much stronger. This week feels so much better than last. I might actually look pretty good by April 29!

While we were doing our cool-down, Leandro announces the winners of the first week's weigh-in. They broke it down into two categories (loosely): the shorter, not-as-chunky girls and the taller, more-junk-in-the-trunk girls. The short girl winner lost 10 pounds during the supermodel slim-down week. You can tell she's already feeling good about herself because she's been working out with a bare mid-section for the past two days. Then the "thicker" girl category winner is announced. It's (drum roll please) ME!! I'm the biggest loser!!! And my prize is a private one-on-one training session with Leandro at his studio. I'm so surprised, but so happy! This is freaking awesome! 

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