Step By Step...We All Fall Down

3.14.11 - Monday

Yes. Yes I did use a Martika lyric for today's blog post. Don't pretend you don't know who she is, or that you didn't love her on Kids Incorporated.

And besides, my title choice is totally relevant because today, the Butt Master kicked it up a notch and put us on the steps. 

Oh my freaking god, was this a tough workout! Thankfully, the steps only had two risers, as opposed to the FOUR risers he made me do at my Saturday session. But, as usual, he was ruthless and we squatted and jumped and hopped and lunged until I almost puked.  And of course, in addition to the fancy footwork on the step, there was coordinating arms as well. Since I'm so very graceful, this was quite a challenge for me. I was just trying not to break an ankle, but Leandro kept insisting I get my arms in the right motion. Jessica came over to correct my form, and then it happened..I tripped. I caught myself before I went down, but it scared me enough to draw tears. I already felt so tired going into class today, so it was no surprise that I was a big fat cry baby. I quickly composed myself and kept moving. 

Just when we thought we had survived the brutal 30 minutes on the steps, he added a 15-pound body bar to the party. We then launched into a series of lunges and squats with our body bar - on the step.

My biceps, shoulders and back felt like jello when it was over. But it's never really over is it!? After the steps and body bar, we moved to the floor for ankle-weighted leg lifts. My hammies are on fire!!

At the end of class, all of us were writhing in pain on the floor, trying to stretch our aching legs. Leandro is all smiles as he says, "Who's gonna come to my two-hour class tonight?" Oh, hell no Butt Master!

This is going to be a long week...

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