Tempted by the Fruit of Another

3.5.11 - My first social outing as a Brazil Butt Lift test subject

I knew this day would come. I mean, you can't just hide for 8 weeks...can you? Every month we get together with our favorite couple and their 3-year-old daughter, for a some delicious grilled fare, and usually a few (a lot) drinks. This month, it was our friends turn to host. I packed up my pre-made meals, some green tea and a horse-load of willpower and headed bravely into the real world. Luckily, I had an amazing workout with Leandro today, so I'm less likely to screw that up by gorging on delicious unapproved cuisine. I usually give up drinking for Lent, which starts Wednesday, so I'm not as worried about the booze as much as I am about the food.

The second we walked into the house, I got punched in the face by the succulent smell of steak on the grill. This is going to suck. Just visualize yourself without saddlebags. Drink water to fill your flabby belly. Shut up inner-voice! I realize right away that I am in fact hungry, so, while everyone else cracks open a beer and munches on chips and guacamole, I ate my 4th small meal of the day: tuna salad over greens. I'm okay for now.

The good thing is, our friends are pretty healthy people so, even though I couldn't eat their food, it was all relatively healthy fare. They didn't torture me with fried chicken or pizza. Plus, I hadn't seen them since I got into booty school, so we talked about it a lot and somehow just having it out there in the conversation made me stay strong, since I was talking about what I've done so far and what I hope to achieve. I didn't want to look like a loser by saying "Maybe just one bite..." There's never just one bite. God, it smelled so good.

An hour or so later, the meat is ready. I love love love meat! I'm salivating as a write this. There was the sausage appetizer, grilled hot dogs for the kids and a huge slab of rare steak for the grown-ups. Plus, grilled portobellos and asparagus as a side. I plated my pork medallion with cranberry chutney and a side of sauteed spinach, and pretended it was just as delicious as the food those bastards were eating. Only 53 more days to go. There will be more steak dinners. Don't obsess over what you're not eating. Focus on the body you're building. And guess what - I survived. I didn't have one single bite of that delicious steak...or sausage...or ice cream...or beer. My eyes are on the prize.

My pork wasn't so bad...

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